Fit-Centive’ Personal Training

A great training facility, supportive like-minded members, friendly staff and knowledgeable fitness professionals are a first incentive to participate in our Fit-Centive’ Personal Training programs! Other incentives are the discovery of your “pure potential,” through personalized goal-setting and planned programming catered to your specific needs by our expert trainers.

Members: Book your free 50-minute Fitness Assessment with one of our Certified Personal Trainers using Calendy.

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Promo Period: December 1, 2022 – December 31, 2022

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First-time client pricing open to all members! Get built in time for the new year with a Certified Personal Trainer for personalized fitness programming. Package purchases limit to 2 per person. Sessions expire 90 days after purchase. Package Discounts:

Personal Training Package Discount

$600 per person

Two-on-One Package Discount

$450 per person

Interested? To purchase or for inquiries, visit the Fitness Desk or contact Fitness Operations Manager, Joe Moorbrink at

Personal Training

Personal Training is a great way to identify and create focus on your individual fitness needs, a first package of training provides you with awareness of movement, development of muscle balance and applied knowledge for your future workouts. Many of our personal training clients continue their efforts in Small Group Training.

Program & Pricing

Small Group Training

The advantages of Small Group Training are the guidance of a Personal Trainer, yet with the support of new friends who are working hard to achieve similar fitness goals. We encourage you to explore and consider the two options. To learn more, please click Program & Pricing below.

Program & Pricing

To contact us, please send your request to Fitness Operations Manager, Joe Moorbrink at

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